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I am supposedly approaching the age as a woman when I become “invisible”. Our culture is obsessed with looking youthful. I am not. I was recently traveling with my older brother who turns 60 in August. The subject of our looks came up in conversation. We are all looking older. He commented that I am delusional when I said I think I look young for my age as many I meet comment as such. I am aware of signs of age with regard to my appearance, but most people think I look younger than my 55 years.

My son is a professional photographer. He took the last profile photo I used on Facebook and Medium. I have since had LASIK surgery which eliminated the need for glasses. I asked him to take a new photo without my glasses. I guess we’re supposed to put our best face forward so I put makeup on for the photo shoot.

He usually will not show me the photos he takes until he finishes editing them. I saw the profile picture that is still in process last night. It looks amazing. He uses a super high resolution digital camera so every line and blemish on my face jumped out of the photo.

I considered asking him to soften the lines around my eyes before I use the photo. I decided against it when it occurred to me that those lines are there because I am smiling.

The best and most authentic representation of me shows my smiling face because I am still smiling despite all. that shit. that happened.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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