Spreading the Love on Medium

⭐ Ryan Justin tagged me in a challenge to simply write about something that made me smile here on Medium. He wants us to celebrate every writer’s efforts and successes. I find the platform to be rather friendly, as does Ryan.

There is no shortage of good writing here. That said, it is hard to single out just one piece that brought a smile to my face, but that’s the challenge so I picked this by Vanessa Torre:

Note the word “joy” in her subtitle. The entire concept she is writing about is meant to bring people together and learn about each other. Can’t go wrong with that.

⭐ Ryan Justin’s piece is here to make you smile, too:

Let’s keep this a happy place and spread the love!

I tag Hawkeye Pete Egan B., Iva Ursano, Dick Millet, Thomas Plummer, Rusty Alderson to take up Ryan’s challenge! He suggests not worrying too much about formatting and grammar, BTW.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte

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