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We knew sex was off the table because I was feeling the early stages of a bladder infection. He said, “Let’s just rub our bodies together naked”. Doesn’t that sound good?

We climbed back in bed together after breakfast naked. We snuggled under the warm blankets. The calendar said it was still fall, but winter had started to flirt with us this weekend with falling temperatures and some freezing rain. The trees were bare and it was cloudy.

There is some kind of exchange of magic, love, hormones, energy and I don’t know what when skin meets skin. As I lay near him, I thought this was one of the best possible outcomes to the whole effort of dating.

Maybe we start online dating in search of a spouse, date, friend, hookup, or long term relationship. Those things often seem elusive.

I think we should aim for having someone to lie down naked with.

Thank you for reading :)

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