Optional Clothing

Social conventions can be flexible

I have been wearing a bra since I was 12 years old. I put a dress on last winter that was very low cut and found that my bra showed in the neckline. So, I tried it without the bra, and was surprised to see that it looked great! I had only worn the dress with certain bras that did not show and now found there was no need for one. So, we don’t actually need bras. They are a drag to shop for, to wash, and to wear. I will still put one on for certain occasions or clothes. But, bottom line: we can get away without one as opposed to going out in public without let’s say, pants.

Pajamas are another category of clothing that I have slowly learned are superfluous. For years, I collected seasonally appropriate sleepwear and rotated their wear as the seasons changed. A boyfriend once told me how he found himself doing a lot less laundry when he quit wearing pajamas. This wasn’t reason enough for me to give up my cozy flannel right away. I tend to be cold all the time, and thought I needed to wear pajamas to keep warm at night. Then I read about some research on getting better sleep that found that people who sleep naked have more restful sleep in part because their clothes don’t get tangled and bunched up making them uncomfortable. This was a sort of lightbulb moment for me. I then became aware of the nightly battles I was having with my pajamas. I started to experiment with wearing fewer pieces of clothing to bed, e.g. only wearing the pants or the top of a set of pajamas and found that I did sleep better the less I wore. I have mostly phased out wearing pajamas, except on cold nights. It has reduced my laundry load considerably. I haven’t bought any new ones in over a year.

Finally, I have discovered that bathing suits are only necessary in public places. See story here:

The guy in that story likes to take credit for helping me see that bras, pajamas and bathing suits aren’t actually necessary as I had believed until I started hanging around with him. It comes down to a matter of personal preference in point of fact. Saving money and energy are some positive side effects to making these changes.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte

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