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I went to a party on Memorial Day. It was at my boyfriend’s friends’ house so I was meeting everyone there for the first time. Many of the guests were musicians so a good bit of the conversation revolved around music, in addition to the usual party small talk. The food was excellent.There were homemade Mojitos that were delicious. My boyfriend made a note that I had three of them already when the host offered me another. We had homemade mango coconut ice cream. There was great live music.

When the music was over and a good number of the guests had left, we sat with 2 remaining guests and our hosts for a quieter conversation where everyone could be heard. It was lively and fun until the topic of conversation veered onto politics. I personally dislike discussing politics in just about any forum, much less at a party. It was a left leaning crowd who pulled no punches and left no stone unturned in their harsh criticism of our current administration. It was easy to agree that no one likes or wants wars.

I didn’t participate in the dialogue. I had a bad case of the shoulda woulda coulda saids when I got home.

I should have taken the opportunity to say “I don’t want to bring the party down, but shouldn’t we all take a minute to appreciate having the right to have this conversation without fear of persecution?” It is so easy to forget that this is not a universal right. Memorial Day isn’t about parties. It is supposed to be about honoring the men and women who fought and died for our freedoms. Let’s not forget.

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