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I happen to like the word “Lame”. I think it is deliciously old school when used to describe a person such as myself who is handicapped. As in, “Jesus healed the lame and the sick”. The dictionary defines lame as:

  1. (of a person or animal) unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot.

I am, by the first definition, lame due to a stroke 19 years ago. I can walk, but I limp and carry a cane. If someone refers to me as crippled, I object because I think this applies more to someone who is unable to walk at all, although technically the definition includes anyone with a physical disability. I don’t mind joking for dramatic effect that I am “crippled”. It especially sounds striking in the context of “crippled and alone” which my son called me once afer his father moved out. He was definitely going for drama there.

I have 2 friends whom I met in online support groups who also had severe strokes at age 35 like I did. Amelia was pregnant at the time as I was.The three of us have a unique bond having lived through a life or death disabling event at a young age. We endearingly refer to our little group as the Three Lame Dames. We try to get together once a year for what we affectionately call a “Lame Dame Reunion.” We spend a few days sharing war stories and laughing at our similar limitations.

If I call myself lame or refer to my “lame ass” as I often do, others are sometimes offended. I guess a certain warped sense of humor comes into play here and if you don’t have it, sad for you. Maybe these people think I am referring to the second definition above of which I am definitely not, so it would be offensive if someone called me that.

I don’t love being lame, but I do favor the word to describe my condition.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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