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Me with my ribbons, Michelle Geise photography

I Won Ribbons At The Horse Show Even After Ugly Family Drama

It was my second horse show at Mane Stream, a facility that offers adaptive riding lessons for children and adults with physical, emotional and developmental challenges. I had been taking lessons for about 10 years when I participated in 2014 and won high scoring independent rider as well as ribbons for champion in my class.

“What the hell are they talking about?” “Why aren’t they giving my show their full attention?” I started to feel a twinge of anger about this. But, the only thing to do was ride on.

The second class was the obstacle course. Unlike walking and trotting around the ring, this required more intense concentration. It went well. I did notice another rider in my class who looked like she was about 30 or more years younger than me. It didn’t appear that she was physically challenged. I assumed she had a different challenge going on.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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