I loved reading this in an advice column in Elle magazine (Ask E. Jean) when a reader questioned whether her 29 year old boyfriend would ever get over his 20 year older girlfriend. She called it the first episode in a book called “The Ugly Cougar Who Captivated My Boyfriend”.

E. Jean’s response was “of course he’ll always love her”. Cougars are brilliant. Cougars are genius. A cougar, no matter how old or ugly, is still a cougar, and girl, you’d better lock up your dude. Because a cougar has nothing to lose. A cougar owes nothin’ to no one. A cougar will break things like doors. A cougar will pee in the pool. A cougar has more money, experience, independence, sophistication, stories, moves, tragedies, triumphs, and wrinkles than you, and wrinkles are awesome.

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