Collection of Poems

Taken from my series, “Mornings at the Lake”

I. Peaceful

I’m alone

He’s asleep

So quiet

Hot Coffee

Here Writing

December, 2018

II. Waiting For Morning Light


Pitch Dark

Dim, cold


With rain

January, 2019

III. Dead of Winter

Missed January

Here again in

The Dead of Winter

Frozen Lake

Sun rising

Casts red glow

On naked trees

Over silver snow coated lake

February, 2019

IV. Dead Still





Coffee’s aroma




February, 2019

V. The Final Sunday Morning of Winter

Days away from spring

The lake still frozen solid

Bright sun shining on

vestiges of snow

sculpted on grass

Coffee brewing

St. Patrick’s Day

March, 2019

VI. This Morning

I guess it’s my turn to make the coffee

Spring is slowly arriving

Watching the ice thaw on the lake


March, 2019

VII. Palm Sunday

The lake has melted

The sun is shining

The trees are budding

Spring is hopeful

April, 2019

VIII. Storm Rolled Through

Driving rain



High winds

Wild wind chimes

All gave way to sunshine

Coffee and eggs on

April, 2019

IX. Making Love on Sunday Morning

Spring has arrived after

weeks of cold, gloomy windy rain

Sunshine is here

Blue sky, lake

Doing what lovers do

May, 2019

X. The First Sunday of Summer

We rolled in on the Solstice

Light lingered into night

Awakened by the sound of softly singing wind chimes

The lake is sparkling with the promise of a swim

June, 2019

XI. Special Guests

Woke up to company in the house

Coffee from Michigan

Gourmet breakfast


June, 2019

XII. Heat Wave

The day my aunt died a year ago

Hazy, hot and humid


July, 2019

XIII. Late August

Crickets sing all through the thick night

Early rise

Chocolate mocha coffee

Summer stretches out

August, 2019

XIV. Labor Day

Looking back at long lazy summer

Sleeping late

“Wedding” anniversary


September, 2019


Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte

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