She did more than necessary

There was a protocol for medicines for nausea and dizziness. I was in the recovery room of the hospital following major abdominal surgery to remove cysts and my ovaries. The nurse told me it was too late to get an order from the doctor for the medicine, but she could get something out of her locker and give it to me herself. She mentioned something about herbal tea as a remedy and I could have it later when I was in my room. She quickly walked out of the recovery room.

I wasn’t going anywhere. I patiently waited for this kind soul to return. I was a bit surprised that a nurse would administer anything over the counter but then I remembered that nurses choose their careers because they want to take care of people. I felt cared for.

The nurse returned soon. I didn’t have a good sense of time while I was recovering from anesthesia. She quietly showed me a peppermint tea bag and told me to have it later in my room. She also brought me some cotton balls she had soaked in lavender essential oil and suggested if I held it under my nose inhaling the aroma would calm my nausea. She packed everything up so it would go to my room with me.

I think I felt better from a placebo effect. It was a quiet warm encounter with the nurse while I was still in a bit of a fog from anesthesia. The fact that a nurse would break hospital rules and risk getting in trouble to make me feel better did just that.

This story is in response to the Give and Take in Real Life writing prompt for Publishious.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte

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