August And Everything After

That is the title of the debut album by the Counting Crows. I happen to know most of the lyrics on that album. I sang all of the songs, naked, and quite loudly, for Rex the first night I spent at his house after we met last August. He is a musician and was greatly impressed by my singing ability and knowledge of the music. I was the first woman to spend the night in his bed in almost a year. So, he was thrilled on a few levels: woman, naked, sings.

Since that night, Rex and I have had many adventures. We listen to a lot of music together. We’ve chosen “Crash” by Dave Matthews as our “song”. There is no more fitting album for us than the debut album of the Counting Crows. It all began in May with a message on OKCupid, an in person meeting in August, the “wedding night” on Labor Day when we consummated the relationship (See:

, and there has been quite a bit after:

Watching me win champion at the horse show, awkward Christmas (isn’t it always?), juggling my ex and our families, Rex’s birthday right before New Year’s, a three night celebration at the lake house for the birthday and New Year’s, (he has always hated having his birthday lumped in with the seasonal holidays), traveling in snowstorms, short spa vacations, delivering my brother to a new prison facility, (see:,

my birthday, introducing Rex as the new “guy” to be my date at the spring fundraiser for the barn following the exit of my husband three years ago, dancing, the development of a private code language that only we understand yoga, meeting friends and family, a car accident, a new used car, shopping, playing house (cooking and cleaning), attending concerts, altered states, phone calls, emails, naked selfies, Facebook, limerence, swimming, showers, making love, parties, art projects, making music, storytelling, sleeping, dreaming, coffee, blazing, drinking, lust and love.

We are nearing the next year’s August since I met Rex. It’s exciting even if we aren’t young anymore. We dream about how much will come after.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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