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It wasn’t until we were putting our seatbelts on for the long drive home from my romantic, idyllic log cabin at the lake that I realized what had happened over the last 48 hours.

In my new, midlife romance I had discovered a sexual chemistry so powerful and surprising that after only being together at the cabin for a mere 48 hours, I had made love a number of times which would have been the equivalent to a year’s worth of sex in my now extinguished, long standing marriage. I hadn’t seen the slow, desiccation of my sex life over the years until I had the chance to experience new, true passion. It was then that I realized that regular love making with my husband had slowly dwindled to just a low spark.

Arriving at the cabin on a warm Friday night, slightly drunk from our stop at a restaurant on the way, my new lover and I took a few puffs of pot smoke from my pipe. This enveloped us in a warm cloud of togetherness. Having been seeing each other since my marriage had dissolved a few months ago, it was an easy transition to getting naked together in the cozy master suite. When we climbed onto the king size bed, we huddled in the hazy cloud we had entered earlier. This odd cloud seemed very real around the two of us which created a powerful level of intimacy. Our bodies flowed together until his head was in that sweet spot between my legs. He used his expert skills to bring me to a thrilling climax. We fell asleep easily, huddled in our cloud of love. We enjoyed that sensual feel of skin to skin contact until we drifted off.

We woke up early on Saturday still relishing the skin on skin feeling. All I did next was simply back up into the parking space behind me, putting the skin of my plush rear end against his body, and he was very quickly aroused. After being starved for so many years, I, too, became ready for action right away. We made slow, gentle love, he behind me with each of us lying comfortably on our sides. Sometimes he would pull my hips down and back, or grab my soft shoulders and push down roughly. This was thrilling sexual escapade number two after being alone in the cabin for only about 12 hours. Somehow we dragged our weary, middle aged bodies out of bed and out onto the deck overlooking the lake and enjoyed coffee and a satisfying breakfast. We sat idly in the sun, talking and looking at the lake with the birds and dragonflies flying all around.

When the day warmed up, we suited up for a swim. The water was warm and clear. When we were done swimming, we hiked back up to the house and the next reasonable thing to do seemed to be to take a nap. Easily naked again, this time without a clouded haze, we made love again, restfully, for the third time within our first day at the lake house in the woods.

We showered and dressed for a romantic early dinner in town. I looked beautiful and alluring as always in my long summer dress with the lace jacket over my arms. He, too, was handsome as ever in his white shirt with a slightly sun kissed face. We talked easily over dinner and drinks and as usual, made each other laugh heartily. We couldn’t help but think that people our age shouldn’t be having this much fun.

Back at the cabin after dinner, we lit most of the candles in the house which created a warm, cozy glow. Even though we were a bit tired, it was back in bed for making love for the fourth time in another position. Beautiful, restful sleep followed in the quiet cool air of the surrounding woods.

We awoke early in the morning again on Sunday to the sound of birds singing outside. The pull of skin on skin was so strong we wound up coming together again, this time with him behind me, kissing my back. We repeated the ritual of coffee and breakfast out on the deck, looking at the lake and decided we could get used to this.

Sadly, we realized we were tasked with tidying up the house for our departure and return to “reality”. But before stripping the sheets from the bed to be washed, we figured we may as well sully them one more time.

We put the sheets in the washer, did a reasonable job of cleaning the kitchen, packed up our things, and loaded the car.

When we got settled in our seats and were buckling our seat belts, he asked, “Did you just make me give you a year’s worth of sex in one weekend?” I did some quick math in my head, and realized, yes, we had made love six times in 48 hours which was what had slowly become the norm for a year in my now dead marriage.

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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