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Sunday Father’s Day to honor our Dads on the first day of summer sweltering heat with sunshine on a beautiful day for the long drive to Mom and Dad’s grateful to be able to go see them and watch them age bring them treats from the bakery make them food help around the house love them hard clean up pack up look at Mom’s jewelry that my sister didn’t steal makes her happy I look at all of it and it’s great fun and we eat and drink coffee listen to them bicker they are so cute family gossip how…

I Ignored Warnings Not To Go


The first item that didn’t belong was a ring. It sat on the shelf above the bathroom sink. I did my best to ignore it. I knew my estranged husband stays in what was our vacation home with his girlfriends. That first girlfriend was from out of state which curtailed their time spent together somewhat. Whatever she may have forgotten to bring home with her would sit there until their next visit. It was a cheap ring and I’m sure she didn’t miss it.

Next, I found a pair of glasses on the same shelf. This seemed like it would…

Victoria Ponte

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte

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