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“In Sickness and In Health” Might Be The Toughest part of Marriage Vows

Men leave marriages when their wives get sick more often than the other way around

When a wife gets sick, it is also tough for her husband. Illness or injury impacts both parts of a couple, though not equally. The relationship itself doesn’t always survive which is why I think this might be the toughest part of traditional marriage vows for many, especially for men.

What is behind the smiles

Photo by the author

The photo of me and my brother at the international horse show in St. Moritz, Switzerland tells a story of triumph. It was taken only 17 years after I arrived in the ER with pupils that were fixed and dilated, indicating my brain stem functions were starting to shut down.

Victoria Ponte

Storyteller, champion equestrian, tambourine player, young stroke survivor, mother.

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