Cindy Tang

A Story About Being Haunted by Song Lyrics

And I asked myself, “How did I get here?”

I was hoping my boyfriend would arrive before my estranged husband so we could leave before he ever arrived. I busied myself with preparations for the weekend, wandering around the house in an anxious daze.

My husband of 28 years moved out 5 years ago. He lives in what was our vacation home. We still share two homes. When he comes to my house to stay with our sons for a weekend, my boyfriend and I go to the lake.

This means my estranged husband is often at my place before…

Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев for Unsplash


An Illuminating Conversation With My Grown Son

I was severely disabled eight weeks before my son was born. This meant I was left out from many typical parenting activities as my husband took on the bulk of the child care. I often looked on with envy as he was changing diapers or teaching the babies how to walk.

I was six months pregnant with our second son when a stroke left me completely paralyzed on my left side. Our firstborn son was not quite two years old when this happened. When I came home from the hospital three months later, I was in a wheelchair.

I had…

Victoria Ponte

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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