The club no one wants to join with too many members

Anastasia Shuraeva for Pexels

I dubbed the group “The Divorce Club” because I thought it sounded more amusing than “Divorce Care”, the actual program I saw advertised on a sign I whizzed past at a local church. …

Jiarong Deng for Pexels

Around the world by 4:30 AM

On the loss of my yard

Kindel Media for Pexels

I hoped bringing the fire dish home might spark something with my husband who had been drifting away for years. I envisioned romantic nights around a cozy fire on the deck.

I think we did this one time and then the fire dish became something our teenage sons used with…

Sofia Alejandra for Pexels

Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Victoria Ponte

Storyteller, champion equestrian, tambourine player, young stroke survivor, mother.

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