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Life’s Simple Pleasures Can Help

We hoped the end of 2020 would bring brighter days. As one of the worst years in United States history as far as death and economic disaster wrought by the COVID19 pandemic came to an end, we looked to 2021 as a brighter beginning.

We saw one bright spot with the development and approval of vaccines for COVID19. This gave many of us hope that we could overcome the pandemic.

Yet even after the calendar year ended we saw no end to the chaotic and troublesome results of the November election. …

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Everyone knows they don’t know what they are saying

My 21 year old son knows everything, and is pretty sure that I, at 57, don’t know anything. He’s a very smart kid, but lately seems to be parroting information he gets from right wing news sources. His father lives in another state but remains a heavy influence as a loyal Trump supporter.

When I suggested that the protests at the Capitol yesterday were Un-American in my opinion, I was told that “the protestors had every right to protest a fraudulent election.” Then I suggested that the election was not fraudulent. My son sang a song about middle of the night voting machine tampering. …


Victoria Ponte

Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller,

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