It’s much simpler than you might think

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I have been competing in an adaptive riding program’s horse show every year since 2013. I have learned that preparing for the show is actually quite simple.

Besides the obvious part of attending classes and working on your skills, on the day of the show (which is today), all you have to do is put on your breaches, a show shirt and coat and your boots.

Put on your best smile and maybe some red lipstick since it is show business after all, and decide you are going to have fun. Arrive in plenty of time to get your number.

It’s the easiest thing in the world….

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I was sure I had the most valid excuses for the marked decrease in my writing output. When my friend noticed the decline and suggested I stop making excuses, I laughed. He clearly had no idea what it’s like to write about personal experiences by spilling blood on the page.

How could I keep track of my keen observations and translate them to interesting stories, or beautiful poetry, meanwhile I’m keeping track of the 1,857,931 items that have accumulated in my house over the last 15 years, getting ready to pack up and move to a smaller place, because in…

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Can you truly mend a broken heart?

My photo

Getting sentimental about moving on

photo credit: Marina Abrosimova for Pexels

A mysterious journey

That’s How It Felt

Photo of the author: ca 1986

It was a slow painful death. My marriage that started as most do with love and happiness when we were young was scratched and dented along the way. But it wasn’t the tiny chips that did us in. It was a catastrophic health event 13 years into it.

Our son was not quite two years old when at 35 I suffered a severe stroke during the sixth month of my second pregnancy. That baby is now 22 years old. …

Victoria Ponte

Storyteller, champion equestrian, tambourine player, young stroke survivor, mother.

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